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Was ich gerade mache! :)

Ein Konzert von As I Lay Dying in Wien genießen. Und ihr so?

Eduard Khil – Trololo

Dieser Song ist schon viel zu lange überfällig und musste dringend mal verbloggt werden. Ganz besonders, nachdem der werte Herr Khil am 4. Juni 2012 leider verstorben ist.

Zu Johnny Cash’s Todestag

Heute vor 9 Jahren ist Johnny Cash gestorben und der hat in seinem Leben einiges vollbracht. Nämlich gute Lieder geschrieben und zum Schluss seines Lebens noch einige Alben mit Rick Rubin aufgenommen.

God’s Gonna Cut You Down

I Walk The Line

The Man Comes Around

Children 18:3 – Why Are You Afraid Of The Dark?

Wenn die GEMA nicht mal wieder dieses Video sperrt, bleibt es auch hier sichtbar!

Und ein netter Kommentar von LeaffyStar19 dazu:

This is seriously cool, but, as an avid bookworm, I can’t help feeling it’s a waste of books O_O (unless, of course, you’re? using something crappy like 50 Shades Of Grey or Twilight =3)

Danko Jones – First Date

First Date, Electricity
When you walk in, You suck my circuitry
Back it up, With attitude
When people sweat it out, You always Play It cool
I think I know You, I’m gonna bet
That you like Superchunk, And Joan Jett
Get your quick fix, In my car
You got a sweet tooth, And I’m your chocolate bar

And it goes on and on and on and on,
on and on and on.

And I say:

Heyyyyyyyyyy do you kiss on the first date (X 2)
Cause I do, cause I do (X 5)

New York doll, On the catwalk
I like to play it discreet, You only wanna shock
Spray-paint your, tight jeans on
And cruise yourself, it don’t feel wrong
So take a chance, Give me a shot
You think I’m bluffing? I think I’m not
Get on your high heels, give me a heart attack
I got a question, for your sweet ass

And it goes on and on and on and on
On and on and on

And I say
Heyyyyyyyyyyy do you kiss on the first date (x4)
Cause I do, Do you too? Wanna do it with you
If you do, would you do what i do?

Well hello baby you look so hot tonight!
Can I hold your hand? Well thank you.
Now this is what we’re gonna do on our date today.
We’re gonna do all the things all the couples like to do.
We’re gonna go to a movie, we’re gonna have some dinner, take a walk,
look at the moonlight, Anything you want but baby I got a question:

Do you kiss on the first date?
Heyyyyyyyyyy let’s do it on the first date?
Heyyyyyyyyyy what do you do on the first date?
Heyyyyyyyyyy do you kiss on the first date?
Cause I do, cause I do, cause I do,
Cause I do, cause I do, cause I do,

Lyrics geklaut von hier!