Listener -> Geschriehene Lieder

Hört euch am besten mal das folgende Video an:

Mir geht es wie der älteren Dame am Ende des Videos: Ich verstehe eigentlich so gut wie kein Wort. Doch irgendwie hat das Ganze etwas für sich. Man stoßt vielleicht vielen Leuten vor den Kopf, aber es gibt auch die Chance, das manche etwas aufschnappen und sich angesprochen fühlen. Das ist eben Listener.

Bei der ganzen modernen Rockmusik versteht man auch meistens den Text nicht, aber manchmal schaut man doch mal in die Lyrics und versteht plötzlich was gemeint ist. :)


I lost my best friend to sadness
speaking these words at arms length
he said: to shake things up as hard as you can
and if you figure it out by god tell everyone
he said: failing is not just for failures
it's for everyone, failures just have more experience
but you can't quit now, you have to climb all night
climb everyone of their towers, and show them your life
but if I'm a quitter now, I promise I'll quit her in the end
I don’t need these weapons, I’ll set my heart to win
with the weight of the world trying to stop me
breathe out, then inhale my little heartbeat
and I'll do this for you, because the world might need it
if I don't I'll lose hope, and we'll end up losing it (oh well)

I lost my best friend to sadness
Even though we tried and tried, I guess we really didn't
I haven’t seen my chin since last may
I’m gonna hold my breath. Let's all hold our breath together
and turn this graveyard into a garden and grow from here
we give words to colors and swear we're not blind
we must be the last of our kind, claiming all the world as if we'll never die
we are the ones living right now clamoring around on top of everyone
but it has to hurt of it's to heal, well my god it must be healing
it's like a knife in the heart, and I'm starting to lose feeling
it's gonna hurt before it heals, but the pain is getting bigger
this dams about to go, and I'm running out of fingers
it'll hurt but it will heal, I'm starting to believe it
eyes wide open in the darkness, but I really can't see it
it’s burning right now and I want you to feel it somehow,
but without the pain of knowing it

when all is lost I won’t think of you
there's nothing in this world that ghost can do
no matter what's ahead I'll push on through
for your life or through your death, I’ll keep on

Until I've reached the sea where I can go no further
when all these possibilities keep forcing me towards their goals
confronted with their true self most men run away screaming
with nothing as their enemy it's hollow and it's whole.
stuffing sorrow in their souls
until all hope is lost in the infinite
I won't ever say goodbye because there's no good in it
I'll stay the course, you've sailed away
while my path leads to God only knows
I'll finish this race, you've quit so early
I'd invite you to swim but drifting is not swimming
and this is it, you've given me no choice
but to use mere words to stay alive. while you've paid them no mind.
and I'll tell stories about your life, you are no hero but I'll lie...

because, when all is lost I won’t think of you
there's nothing in this world that ghost can do
no matter what's ahead I'll push on through
for your life or through your death, I’ll keep on

Auch mal eine Art das Evangelium unter die Leute zu bringen.
Schaut mal bei Listener vorbei

Autor: Tobi

Blogger aus Spaß an der Freude, Musikfan, Hauptfeuerwehrmann, Christ und Pfadfinder. Die Beiträge sind meine persönliche Meinung. Oftmals ist auch versteckte Ironie oder Satire dabei. Wer damit nicht umgehen kann, sollte diese Seite verlassen und sich in seinem Loch einbuddeln.

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