Daily Music #666

666 ist ja ein alter Hut. Die Eiserne Jungfrau hat schon in den 80ern ein Song darüber gemacht. Dann gibt es auch eine Techno Gruppe die Musik macht. Manche B.O.F.H. machen diese Nummer als IT Hotline. Andere denken dabei immer recht schnell an die Offenbarung.
666 - Best Hits

Aber um ziemlich nah am Original dran zu sein hier ein Video von Rotting Christ.
Rotting Christ - 666

English translation

All seven angels blew their trumpets
And a hailstorm fell- And fire mixed with blood
And the third of the earth's trees - And the leaves of the bushes were burned
And the second blew his trumpet- A burning mountain was cast down
And a third of the creations of the sea perished
Earth Earth Earth Holy
Earth Earth Earth Holy
Third angel is blowing his trumpet - A burning star fell
To the water sources - And the people perished
The fourth angel blew his trumpet - A third of the sun was damaged
And a voice was heard - A great tragedy will come
Earth Earth Earth Holy
Earth Earth Earth Holy
The fifth angel blew his trumpet - And from the smoke he came out
He is spreading pain and death - To the ones who don't have the Marking
The sixth angel blew his trumpet - Releasing the angels that are bound in the river Euphrates
And the seventh appeared - Humanity was executed
Earth Earth Earth Holy
Earth Earth Earth Holy
Earth Earth Earth Earth
Herein lies the Wisdom
Let him who has understanding reckon the number of the beast
For it is a human number
It's number is Chi Ksi Sigma (Ancient greek numerals for 666)

Greek phonetics

ke i e-fta a-ge-lee e-sa-lpi-san
ke e-fe-ne-to ha-la-zee - ke pir me-mi-gme-na en e-ma-ti
kai ton tri-ton tis gis then-dron - hor-ton va-ton ka-te-ka-i
ke o de-fte-ros e-sa-lpi - o-ros keo-me-non e-vli-th-i
ke a-pe-tha-ne to tri-ton ton kti-sma-ton ti tha-la-si
ye-a ye-a ye-a a-yia
ye-a ye-a ye-a a-yia
tree-tos a-ge-los sa-lpi-zi - a-stir keo-me-nos e-pe-sen
e-pi tas pi-yas i-da-ton - ke i an-thr-o-pi a-pe-th-a-non
te-tar-tos a-ge-los e-sa-lpee - tri-ton tou i-li-ou e-pli-yi
ke mi-a fo-ni i-kous-thee- th-a rth-ei sim-fo-ra me-ya-li
ye-a ye-a ye-a a-yia
ye-a ye-a ye-a a-yia
ye-a ye-a ye-a ye-a ye-a ye-a
pem-ptos a-ge-los e-sa-lpi - ke ek tou kap-nou e-xel-th-on
po-no tha-na-to skor-pi-zi - i oyk tin sfra-yi-da e-hou-si
e-ktos a-ge-los e-sa-lpi - li-son a-ge-lous epi e-phra-ti
ke o e-vdo-mos e-fa-ni - i an-thro-po-tis e-kte-les-thi
ye-a ye-a ye-a a-yia
ye-a ye-a ye-a a-yia
o-de i so-fia es-tin
o e-hon noun psi-fi-sa-to ton a-ri-th-mo tou th-i-riou
a-ri-th-mos yar an-th-ro-pou e-sti
kai o a-ri-th-mos a-ftou Hee PSee Sig-ma

Daily Music #264

Die Tage werden nun wieder kürzer. Die Nacht wird länger. Sogar morgens um 6 Uhr beim Joggen merke ich das immer mehr. Kurz nach 6 Uhr ist es noch sehr dunkel. Sobald es auf 7 Uhr zugeht, wird es aber wieder heller.
Dalit - Descent

I kiss the tourniquet
Gently maiming my body
Piece by piece
Embracing a lie
By sacrificial bleeding
To endure the night
Beyond the cold forever
I bury my dreams of you
Close within yet still so far away
Is this the great affection
The golden path of old
That leads us all in dismay?
Desert shores of human merit
Come quench my thirst
Oceans left to conquer
Depths to be fought
Brick by brick
We carry the load
Raising our beacon
To eclipse the sun
By the black holes in your eyes
Beyond all substitutes
Below all walls of pride
Beneath the outmost contempt
I bury my heart for you