Daily Music #1378

Extol hat am 12. Oktober gleich 2 neue Lieder veröffentlicht und deshalb wird heute mal wieder eines dieser Lieder hier gespielt. Es ist einfach typisch Extol und der Text wie ein Psalm. Es ist einfach gut und ich freu mich rießig darüber.
Extol - Labyrinth of Ill

Amidst the grave of existential plight
My faith in rags, uncertain sight
The queries loom, unanswered still
As I navigate this labyrinth of ill
Though misgivings abide
My denial reside
My heart in pain, a flicker of hope remains
Throughout the night, throughout the fire
I will not change, I'll be your silent guide
Patience, come to my side
Come be patient, come to my side
Patience, my guiding light
As I wander the uncertain night
Throughout the night I will not change
I'll be your guide
Fervor lost, my heart bereft
In the blustering of doubt and despair
I've lost my grasp on what was just
Yet a glimmer of deliverance is here
Though misgivings abide
My denial reside
Though my path may waver, and I may stray
Love and community, will lead the way
In the embrace of compassion, I shall find peace
Hope and unity, shall never cease