A Message About Your Download Purchase from CD Baby's Digital Gnomes


Greetings From CD Baby's Digital Gnomes!

We're the clan of e-Gnomes that prepare the MP3s you purchased. All of us, the e-Gnome parents and the e-Gnome children and even some of the older 'Analog' Gnomes, came out to watch as your digital download was prepared. Bit rates were carefully calibrated, wave-lengths measured, and electrons spit-shined with the hems of our smocks. It was so exciting that poor Pixel Gnome had to reboot!

Then, from high atop the Toadstool Palace, your digital packet was launched into the interweb, shooting through cables, tumbling through tubes, bouncing off satellites, hurling through the air via Wi-Fi at speeds well beyond imagining. Soon, a binary bundle of wonderful music (that's what we call an MP3) will be deposited on the shores of your personal computer!

Should you have any questions about how to properly claim the wonderful download we've delivered, please read our FAQ section HERE. We'll be celebrating with Square Root Beer and listening to your MP3 with all the 0's and 1's transposed!


Sir Zero BitSnap, CD Baby's e-Gnome Emissary

Klasse, oder?

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