The life and me

Yeah, a new day begins and the sun is shining off my ass. :) *lol*

The reason why i end up to write new things on these blog is: HAVE NO TIME.

Last weekend makes my old computer: byebye :D Windows cant found the msgina.dll --> A colleague said: "Hey you must copy 'ginawild.dll' to the windows directory and windows will work. *harhar*
Yo, but windows won't start this time. So i dismount the harddrive going to work and copied the old data of email, private data and other data to my external harddrive.
NOW we have a new computer: WINDOWS VISTA, Intel dual core 1,8 GHz, 250 GB HDD, 2 GB RAM and on board graphics and LAN and sound. Not the best one computer, but much more better than our old computer: windows XP, PIII 866 Mhz, 512 MB, 40 GB, a RIVA TNT II graphics :D
2001 we had the best computer of the world, but now its a old fashioned musuem lend piece. *haha*

The other reason why i cant write anything is: Have not much time, firefighters train every monday, tuesday and saturday and my brother want all do on the new computer.

Yesterday i saw the first two games of the EM (European Championship 2008) and i said before it has begun: CZE will be better then SUI and POR will be much more better than TUR.

YEAH and the result is: CZE : SUI (1:0) and POR : TUR (2:0) Praise the Lord and pass the Ammunition! ;)

So if you find a spelling error, be a little more tolerant to me, cuz i'm german speaking guy.

Und an die, die Deutsch sprechen: Ich hoffe, ihr versteht was ich meine. Eigentlich sind da ja nur leichte englische Worte drin.